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Growing Great Palms in the Desert

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70 Money Saving Tips to Save Money!

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Homeowners New Project Checklist

Thinking about building a custom home or upgrading your current home?

Here are a few things to think about before you get started:

Location: different governments and regulations govern the building codes in different areas, see which ones apply to you.
What is the zoning where you want to do the work?
Will the project require a permit? (Almost everything does!)
Will you need a drawing? Who will do it, an architect or contractor? The more complex the project and detailed the drawing, the more it will cost but the more accurate and complete the bids will be.
Who will do the work? You really will want a licensed contractor. Two excellent websites are those of the City of Palm Springs and the State of California Contractors License Bureau ( The information on these two sites is exceptional. You can even look up the specific contractor to make certain he or she is licensed for the type of project you need.
You really want three bids. IF your drawings are complete, and IF you make NO changes, there will be NO surprises. The project should come in on budget.
Do not pay the full project in advance! State law provides for a maximum of a 10% deposit, if required, in advance. And, always hold back approximately 10% until after the inspector (city or county) signs off the project. Once the project is signed off, pay the final balance.
Whether you live in the City of Palm Springs or not, use their website as a guide for your building and remodeling project. It is thorough, it is good, and it is free. The State of California site demonstrates and explains the necessary written agreements which you must have, and allows you to look up the individual contractors by name or license. Make certain they are qualified for the type of project you need.

Everything For Your Home

One Stop Shopping

Everything for Your Home

Show Prices Are The Best

The Desert Living Home Show is back!

Palm Springs, CAThe Desert Living Home Show, in Palm Springs, California, is in its 9th year and will return on Friday, December 6th, 2019, and runs through Sunday, December 8th, 2019 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. It will feature an expanded range of products and services covering all aspects of home improvement systems, decor, upgrades, and products.

The three-day Desert Living Home Show will continue to be a popular product showcase and resource expo of expert advice for Coachella Valley-area residents planning to improve and update their homes’ value, livability and beauty. This event and its hundreds of exhibitors will showcase the newest products and hottest trends for both inside and outside the home.

Very “real world” but also the stuff of dreams, the Desert Living Home Show is one-stop shopping for the home and garden. Whether you’re a DIY’er or pride yourself on finding the best resources to do the job at hand for you, you’ll find it all at the Desert Living Home Show!

Homeowners looking to remodel, build, landscape or redecorate should make a beeline to the Desert Living Home Show. The show will be packed with contractors and other home design pros, all offering advice, work samples and hands-on demonstrations featuring the latest products on the market. Get helpful hints on everything from plumbing to garage doors to artwork, plus you can take advantage of vendors’ special show discounts.


The show runs Friday, December 6th, 10am-5pm; Saturday, December 7th, 10am-5pm; and Sunday, December 8th, 10am-4pm.
Admission is FREE!

For more information visit


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